18 May 2017

O.4.3.3 Residential and Commercial Capacity Absorption Heat Pumps for Space and Domestic Water Heating Applications

Current gas-fired residential and light commercial (<42 kW) space and domestic water heating technologies have been approaching their fundamental limit of efficiency over the past few decades. As a result, the differentiating factors between gas-fired heating appliances has become less and less. In addition, gas appliances have been losing ground to electric heat pumps in mild climates because they offer higher primary energy efficiencies. A gas fired absorption heat pump has the ability to achieve higher coefficients of performance (COP) and provide a new upper level of performance. The current study investigates the performance of three different nominal heating capacity (3, 23.5, and 41 kW) gas-fired absorption systems designed for space and domestic water heating. Each heat pump is investigated over a range of ambient and hot water supply temperatures. Experimental results for each system are presented. The investigation shows that the energy and economic savings of these units when compared with conventional heating systems is significant.