18 May 2017

O.4.2.4 Multi-criteria decision making analysis in refrigerant selection for residential heat pump systems

The concern on global warming has resulted in a global decision to reduce use of refrigerants with high global
warming potential (GWP). This implies that a number of refrigeration and heat pump systems need to adopt new
refrigerants that have low GWP and satisfy a number of important criteria as for instance good thermophysical
and transport properties, safety, stability and etc. As none of the known refrigerants is superior to the others in
respect to all the selection criteria, choosing refrigerant is always a complex decision-making process that is
based on a number of important criteria. In this paper we investigate the applicability of an analytical hierarchy
process method for multi-criteria decision making of selecting a refrigerant for a heat pump system. Potential
low GWP refrigerants are studied and important refrigerant selection criteria are considered. The criteria are
weighted for each of the alternative refrigerant in order to rank different refrigerant alternatives. The method is
applied from perspective of a number of stakeholders. The results suggest that it is possible to identify the
refrigerant alternative that is optimal for a given application, using the process presented in the paper. Thus, the
results of this paper show the applicability of utilizing the multi-criteria decision making analysis in unbiased
refrigerant selection for residential heat pump systems.