18 May 2017

O.3.9.1 Simulation, validation and demonstration of energetic optimization possibilities of industrial drying processes by use of an unique heat pump dryer test bench

It is well established that heat pump dryers provide significantly higher energy efficiencies and lower greenhouse gas emissions than conventional dryers. Heat pumps have been around for several decades, yet research and development of heat pump drying technology has only recently advanced to industrial applications. This paper describes the development and simulation of an electrically driven heat pump dryer test bench, in which a drying process is replicated by means of water evaporation. The test bench is developed as a part of the CORNET-HP4Drying project (www.hp4drying.eu)**. This project aims to integrate heat pumps into different industrial drying processes in order to exploit the corresponding advantages by energetic and environmental optimization. By adapting heat pumps to operate under varying temperature levels and developing innovative control systems, HPs could better follow the drying process, including batch processes and thus increase efficiency.