18 May 2017

O.3.8.5 The analysis and experimental investigation of heat pump system of R404A and R410A using thermobank and a two-phase ejector

This paper shows the results of CFD simulation and experimental investigation in which the heat pump system performance of R404A and R410A was compared between an ejector cycle and standard cycle. The special features of this study are to use the thermobank and an ejector in heat pump system. The thermobank stored heat from superheat vapor of refrigeration cycle and its energy is used for heating room and defrosting process. The ejector is an expansion device capable of work recovery. Therefore, the thermobank and ejector can help improving coefficient of performance (COP). When compared to standard cycle, the heat pump system using thermobank and ejector got maximum COP improvements of 38.5% with R404A and 42.7% with R410A. This heat pump system can be used to keep preservation of agricultural products in cold storage warehouse together with floor panel heating for room in winter in Korea and other country.