18 May 2017

O.3.5.3 Test results R600 pilot heat pump

A pilot scale compression heat pump using butane as refrigerant with a power output of 160 kW was designed, build and integrated with the paper production process on site at the SmurfitKappa Roermond mill. The project was executed to determine if it is possible to build an industrial heat pump able to produce low pressure steam from existing components and to verify the performance.
A 160 kW pilot scale heat pump able to deliver low pressure steam (1 barg)from 60°C waste heat was demonstrated at the SmurfitKappa Roermond mill. The successful demonstration confirmed that is possible to build such a heat pump based on commercially available components.
Higher steam pressures, up to 2.4 barg, were demonstrated. It is concluded that the heat pump can operate under the maximum designed steam pressures with COP’s according to the design calculations.