18 May 2017

O.3.3.3 Thermodynamic Analysis on High Temperature Heat Pump cycles using Low-GWP refrigerants for Heat recovery

To reduce energy consumption utilizing heat recovery systems is increasingly important in industrial applications. This study presents an exploratory assessment of heat pump type heat recovery systems using environmentally friendly refrigerants. Tested refrigerants are R1234ze(E), R1234ze(Z) and R365mfc. The coefficient of performance of two cycle configurations used to raise the temperature of heat media to 160 °C with a waste heat at 80 °C is calculated. The calculated cycle configurations are single-stage compression cycle, two-stage compression extraction cycle. Additionally, irreversible loss of each cycles are calculated to clarify that cycle characteristic of each cycle. As results, the coefficient of performance of two-stage compression extraction cycle is the highest among calculated cycle. In addition, each irreversible loss in two-stage compressed extraction cycle expect for evaporator is lower than that in single-stage compressed cycle. In all refrigerants, the decrease amounts of irreversible losses in condenser are the largest among each irreversible loss because of using several condensers and extraction. Finally, R1234ze(Z) is appropriate in this calculation condition at single-stage compressed cycle and two-stage compressed extraction cycle among test refrigerants.