18 May 2017

O.2.5.2 Eligibility of a Heat Pump Based on the Primary Energy Factor

This paper presents the method for the determination of the eligibility of a heat pump (HP) based on the primary energy factor (PEF) analysis. To calculate the PEFs of air, water and ground source HPs, the seasonal performance factor of each HP was determined by using a simulation tool TRNSYS. For the purpose of the analysis the residential house with the fixed geometric data and energy labels from A to E has been considered. The calculation of PEFs for HPs heating systems was performed by considering different cases for use of the electricity from various sources: electricity energy mix from the EU grid, renewable energy sources, and the nuclear power plant. The results show that all three HPs, if they utilize electricity from the EU mix, are more primary energy efficient compared to 6 individual heating systems, which are based on oil, natural gas, biomass and LPG propane. Besides, when using electricity from the renewable sources, HPs are more primary energy efficient compared to a district heating, based on the coal fired cogeneration units if the temperatures of the district heating (DH) network system are higher than 90 °C. In case of the temperature levels of the DH network system of 70/50 °C the water and ground source HPs are comparable at appropriate ratios of extracted steam and appropriate energy efficiency of electricity generation.