18 May 2017

O.2.5.1 Smart Building Heating, Cooling and Power Generation with Solar Geothermal Combined Heat Pump System

All electric Fuzzy Logic(FL) based smart building integrated Photovoltaic-Thermal(PVT) tri-generation (heating, cooling and Power) technology meets one of Korea government’s new research and development policies about the national future economy growth engines field – hybrid renewable energy. The main objectives of this hybrid renewable systems are to model, simulate and analyze the performance of FL based PVT integrated GSHP system for typical residential buildings. In this study two systems: GSHP system and GSHP-PVT system are designed to apply the FL control strategy. TRNSYS software is used for the system modeling and simulations and the MATLAB Fuzzy Logic Toolbox is used for the FL controller implementation with annual weather data of Incheon and Ottawa. For the GSHP system, the advanced FL control results in approximately 9.5% primary energy saving in the heating period, 12.7% in the shoulder heating period and 18.3% in the cooling period, 17.4% in the cooling shoulder period and 12% annually compared to the On-Off control strategy.