18 May 2017

O.2.2.4 Full-scale experimental investigation of a heat-pump-based system for maximizing passive solar gains in housing–Preliminary results

A full-scale experiment has been configured to explore a novel concept for capturing, extracting, and storing passive
solar gains through windows by using radiant hydronic floors, a heat pump, and hot and cold thermal stores. More solar
energy could be gained by increasing south-facing glazing areas, but this is typically avoided to prevent houses from
overheating during certain times of the day and times of the year. The goal of the system examined here is to enable
more south-facing glazing by converting the house into a low-grade solar collector whilst protecting against overheating.
The preliminary results reported here show that the system can e ectively collect and remove excess passive solar gains,
and that the potential exists for storing and usefully exploiting this collected energy. Aspects of the design and system
control requiring improvement have been identified.