18 May 2017

O.2.2.3 Early results from the FREEDOM project: fully-optimised hybrid heat pumps providing demand flexibility

The FREEDOM project is a trial of smart control technology for hybrid heat pumps. Allowing a heating system
to switch between gas and electric load provides greater customer value, a route towards decarbonisation, and
complete flexibility on the electrical load for demand-side management, but no existing hybrid heat pumps are
controlled in a fully optimised way that balances the needs of the consumer and the energy networks.
FREEDOM is a UK project partnering Western Power Distribution, Wales & West Utilities, PassivSystems,
Delta-EE, City University and Imperial College London. 75 hybrid heat pumps will be installed and controlled
using PassivSystems’ predictive demand control technology to optimise their performance and maintain
occupant thermal comfort. The project will explore advanced strategies for exploiting demand flexibility to
create new value propositions and manage peak load. Householder trust is a prerequisite for the success of new
technologies and business models; trialists will be provided with tools to understand the operation of the hybrid
heat pump and manage their heating bills.
There have been few large real-world trials of hybrid heat pumps to date, and we believe that this is the first in
the world to include fully optimised control with predictive demand-side management and proactive consumer
engagement. We will present detailed plans for the project and early results from modelling work.