18 May 2017

O.2.2.2 Design Optimization of Hybrid heat Pumps for New and Existing Buildings in France

Since several years (2011), the French heat pump market is the largest one in Europe reaching more than 150 000 air–to-water and water-to-water units for space heating and/or hot water production in 2015. Hybrid heat pumps, defined as a combination of a heat pump and a boiler with an optimized control strategy, still only represent 2 500 units on this market. However, hybrid systems can very much contribute to energy and CO2 emissions reduction in both new and existing buildings.
The optimization of such a hybrid system is not only dependent on the optimized control of the two heat generators but may also depends on several design aspects such as: the type, size and location of the building, the temperature level of the heating system, the capacity and COP of the heat pump, etc.
A modeling and simulation study was carried out for AFPAC, French Heat Pump Association, to evaluate the impact of different design parameters: building, heating system, heat pump / boiler type and performance, hot water production, criteria for optimized control strategy on the sizing of the heat pump and the boiler.
From the analysis of the potential market in France and from the results of these simulations, of not less than 5000 case studies on a residential house, some recommendations have been identified for optimizing the implementation and use of hybrid heat pumps in France.