18 May 2017

O.1.9.2 Efficiency of sanitary hot water heat pumps based on a field test

Following a general European trend, sanitary hot water heat pumps (SHW) become more and more popular. In Switzerland in 2015 4919 sanitary hot water heat pumps have been sold at a 2014 to 2015 rate of growth of 14.9 % [1].
In order to gain knowledge about real field performance of SHWs, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy is funding a field trail of five heat pumps installed in single family houses. The assessed units are typical compact units having a condenser installed inside the 300 l storage tank, using inside room air as heat source.
The measurement system is designed for collecting precise and detailed information in a temporal high resolution.
The study aims at an evaluation of the overall efficiency of SHWs based on field trail data. The detailed analysis comprise the influences of the user behavior such as tapping and setting temperatures as well as of the manufactures concepts regarding the layout and the controller concept.