18 May 2017

O.1.8.2 Solar Heat Pump Standard Assessment Model

Due to their extremely high COP’s, solar thermal systems may advantageously be combined with heat pump systems. Though these systems are now entering the market, the lack of open energy performance assessment tools has been acknowledged by the Dutch authorities (RVO), and has led to initiation of this project.
The investigated systems typically comprise a relatively small (< 5 kWth) heat pump, combined with a 200 liter DHW-tank and around 5-25 m2 of solar collector, in combination with a ground- or ambient air heat source. Modeling of the entire system is done conform the regulating Dutch Standards for Energy Performance of Buildings: 1) To determine the rationale of the system combination and 2) To assess the energy performance of the combined system. The model developed in this research is versatile and straightforwardly programmed in Excel, and is used already to prepare Declaration of Conformity of commercial heat pump systems. The paper addresses: 1) Modeling of the relevant physical phenomena and 2) Results of a practical example Solar Thermal Heat Pump system.