18 May 2017

O.1.7.1 Performance Investigation of Indoor Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater for Canadian Winter Conditions

Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater (ASHPWH) is a relatively new addition for delivering hot water at reasonable high efficiency. However, ASHPWH undergoes a considerable drop in its coefficient of performance (COP) under cold conditions and may face challenges to maintain the water temperature in the storage tank at over 55 °C. In this paper, an investigation is reported on the performance of an air source heat pump water heater (ASHPWH), recently installed for this study at the Archetype Sustainable House, Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. The experiments were performed for an extended period under controlled conditions to establish the impact of house’s indoor parameters (temperature and humidity) on the performance (e.g., COP and energy savings) of these water heaters in a typical Canadian house. It was noticed that the COP varies between 1.5 and 5 for the range of indoor conditions, and the operational energy saving potential of this system is evaluated about three times than the conventional electric water heater.