18 May 2017

O.1.4.4 Experimental EMS of an ASHP using Load Shifting based on Time-of-Use Pricing in Ontario, Canada

Energy management strategies for grid-friendly net-zero energy houses are investigated at the Archetype
Sustainable Houses in Vaughan, Canada. These semi-detached houses are used as workspaces, as well as for
the demonstration of various sustainable technologies in Canadian climates. The space and water heating needs
of the house investigated are met by air source heat pumps. The facility features on-site renewable generation
and energy storage, allowing for the implementation of smart grid control strategies. This project focuses on the
development of energy management software to monitor the building’s space heating needs, renewable
generation, and storage capacity to influence the energy consumption of the ASHP. In particular, the project
aims to reduce energy consumption from the grid during peak usage times through load shifting. LabVIEW
software has been used to implement the controllers in the system. Experimental trials through the heating
season investigated a system comprised of one ASHP used for space heating, wind and solar generation, and
energy storage in a single battery bank. Load shifting results from winter trials are reported, and its effect on
annual operation, both financially and in GHG emissions, is investigated.