18 May 2017

O.1.2.3 Development of compact air heat pump inverter module chiller

A further improvement of energy-saving performance has been required in the air-cooled heat pump inverter module chiller from the viewpoint of preventing global warming. In addition, in recent years there has been a growing demand to improve the partial load performance, not only the full load performance.
To meet such needs, we have developed a compact air heat pump inverter module chiller with high efficiency.
By connecting multiple 60HP modules, it is possible to cope with a large capacity easily.
Diversification of risks of a refrigerant leak and a unit stop becomes possible by multiple modules, and it becomes possible to apply to a data center that needs temperature stability.
We report the following.
·Energy saving performance of the module which has adopted the new technology of the inverter-driven scroll compressor and 2 evaporation temperature by new refrigeration cycle.
·Each module performs most efficiently with improved operation. The unit is equipped with a module unit control device which determines the optimal operation number using the sum of the frequency of the compressor in the system.
As a result, a multi-module system can achieve a further partial load efficiency compared to a single module system.
·This unit has a built-in header in the module, to reduce the setting time of the piping in case of installation of multiple modules.