18 May 2017

O.1.1.2 Benefits of integration between heat pumps and food refrigeration systems for commercial applications: an example of efficient energy recovery for Near Zero Energy Buildings

The optimization of energy consumption and the necessity to decrease CO2 emissions are driving the research of higher efficiency systems for HVAC and refrigeration markets. Introduction of new technologies that have already brought many benefits for residential AC market in refrigeration application and vice versa is an interesting way to increase the general performance of the whole installation. Water loop technology is an example of new development and technology transfer for commercial applications: it achieves the goal to increase cabinet efficiency with different design and the introduction of new technologies like EEV and BLDC compressor. In these plants water loop is also the energy source for the HVAC system in the commercial area. In this scenario, the integration with commercial heat pumps equipped with new generation refrigerant more environmentally friendly like R-744 and the optimization of the whole system are the key factors for an efficient energy recovery system with low consumptions and higher efficiency.
In this work, an example of possible integration is described, where the accurate plant design and the combination of cabinets equipped with Carel HEOS Sistema and a CO2 commercial heat pump for heating and sanitary hot water production on the same water loop bring benefits for both the unit and the whole building.