14 October 2016

NEDO Heat Pump Related Smart Community Demonstration Projects

The Japanese New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) is one of the largest technology development organizations owned by the Japanese government, and it promotes several international “Smart Community”-related international projects. This concept involves not only smart grids, but also smart customers (users) in a certain local area. The smart community concept not only comprises utility-side energy management
systems such as Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition Energy Management Systems (SCADA EMS), but also several user side management systems such as Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS), Building Management Systems (BEMS) or Factory Energy Management System (FEMS), which operate the best solution for each participant of the power system. Some of these demonstration projects include heat pumps as the energy storage element for establishing smart energy management under those management systems. This paper introduces various heat pump applications within three projects.