01 September 2012

Multi-year therma behaviour of a vertical ground heat exchanger for a low-energy house

This article focuses on the thermal behaviour, over five consecutive winters, of a vertical closed-loop groundcoupled
heat exchanger installed for a Canadian low-energy house. The house’s HVAC system integrates a reversible
brine-to-air geothermal heat pump as a main heating and cooling system, electricity and heat generation
from building-integrated photovoltaic & solar thermal panels, concrete wall and floors as passive and active solar
energy storage systems, and several heat recovery devices. The results obtained show that the ground-source heat
pump has run with relatively high heating coefficients of performance, while the ground thermal capacity has
been well balanced and fully recovered between one heating-dominated season and the next. In addition, the annual
electrical energy consumption of the occupied low-energy house has been reduced by 56.8 % compared to
the average consumption of Québec’s conventional electrically heated houses.