30 November 2015

Modernizing the Vuilleumier Cycle: Recent developments for a novel natural gas air-conditioner and heat pump

Thermally driven heat pumps can offer dramatic savings by extracting renewable heat energy from any environment, including cold climates. Current HVAC systems face operational limitations including low efficiencies and reliance on the strained electric grid which may result in significant energy costs and emissions. The Vuilleumier cycle has demonstrated proven advantages including efficiencies that exceed state-of-the-art systems, without the use of harmful refrigerants. Recently a startup company, ThermoLift, has received international support and funding from the U.S. Department of Energy and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority for the commercialization of an innovative modernized Vuilleumier device for residential and light commercial heating, cooling, and production of hot water in a single appliance.