22 May 2008


From its special power saving fund the City of Zurich promotes, among other
projects, the efficient use of electrical power consumed by heat pump systems. The existing
test procedure for evaluating these systems has weaknesses in connection with large or
complex installations: For this reason a test procedure has been prepared within the
framework of a research project. With the aid of this standard procedure minimum energy
specifications can be calculated as a basis for financial support for individual heat pump
systems. In order to be able to take into account the complex specifications demanded for
such systems and the wide spectrum available, the process has a modular design. The
complete heat pump system was divided into three sectors: the heat source, the heat pump
and the local heating network. With the help of a structogram, the most important energy
impact factors can be taken into account according to the type of heat source, the type of
system or application and the heating concept. Thus minimum energy specifications can be
defined for a wide spectrum of systems with differing general conditions. In a subsequent
project the test procedure can be checked for its use in practical applications on the basis of
data samples compiled from a wider range of actual systems.