23 September 2011


With increasing demand for environmentally friendly cooling, the concept of
“making cooling from heat” has become increasingly interesting. In such a concept, the use of
absorption refrigeration has to be integrated within a polygeneration system, like combined
production of electricity, heat and cold. This requires the driving energy to be low temperature
heat (below 90 ºC).
With this in mind, research of the low-temperature heat driven absorption cooling system is
presented in this review. The paper consists of three parts: 1) a fundamentals part addressing
findings on thermodynamic limitations of the technology; 2) an innovation part including a
thorough state-of-the-art assessment of the technology; and 3) polygeneration system
performance evaluation part. In the innovation part, efficiency enhancement of the
low-temperature heat driven absorption cooling system is identified as one of the main
problems addressed by commercial manufacturers. In this paper, a comparison of several
innovative approaches to achieve increased efficiency is listed.
In summary, the low temperature absorption refrigeration comes out as a key component
which will be very much in demand for the future.