18 May 2017

K.2.1.1 Growing for good? The European Heat Pump Market – Status and outlook

The compilation of 2015 market report had a surprise in stock for many. After
aggregating information from 21 markets and polishing up the results, the growth rate
of the European heat pump market was more than a silver line on the horizon.
In 2015, European heat pump markets had grown by 12.2% in a still challenging
economic environment.
This growth was the result of a combination of factors:
– The construction sector was recovering.
– Technology solutions for the renovation sector were maturing.
– Heat pump technologies were gaining attention in several pieces of European
legislation with a trickle-down effect on national markets.
– Heat pumps have become the reference technology or are an integral part of
reference buildings in many Member States of the European Union and are
considered in both new build and renovation projects.
– Heat pump technology benefits from the price decline in PV – decentralised
systems for the production and use of electricity for heating with heat pumps
(and use of the heat pump system for storage) are gaining ground in the
This paper will look at the robustness of these trends and will aim to determine
whether 2015 has put an end to five years of stagnation in heat pump market sales.
Note: A full description of the European heat pump market is available in at