18 May 2017

K.1.1.1 Performance indicators for energy efficient supermarket buildings

Performance indicators are needed to transform available measurement data into knowledge on the energy efficiency of a supermarket building. Such indicators are e.g. the supermarket size, the opening hours, the outdoor climate and applied energy saving options. When the energy use is related to the supermarket size, opening hours, and other performance indicators, it should be possible to appreciate the energy use of the supermarket: is it relatively high, normal, or relatively efficient. IEA HPT Annex 44 “performance indicators for energy efficient supermarket buildings” searches for performance indicators that will allow to evaluate energy efficiency of existing single supermarkets to similar supermarkets within one chain, supermarkets across different chains and even supermarkets in different regions or countries. Based on data from the Netherlands, this paper investigates the relation between sales area, opening hours and yearly energy consumption. The first conclusion drawn is that the common technical performance indicators alone can only partly explain the observed data. This paper continues to discuss other aspects that are needed to understand the observed data on supermarket energy consumption.