22 May 2008


An innovative lead evaporating air-conditioner (LEA) has been developed to effectively perform multiple thermal applications with high energy efficiency and high environmental performance. For the air-conditioning application, the low-temperature condensate leaving the evaporator is retained to pre-cool the return air and outdoor air to
increase the cooling effect. The condensate can also remove suspended particulate matters
and airborne microorganisms from the air to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ). The condensate containing contaminants is still at a low temperature. In order to maximize the heat recovery, the condensate is then filtered, disinfected, and circulated for more pre-cooling and purification of the air. The superheated refrigerant leaving the compressor and entering the condenser possesses high quality waste heat. It can be recovered to produce useful hot water above 55?. The compressor design has been modified for rapid start-up within seconds so that hot water can be produced instantly. The LEA can supply air-conditioning and hot water simultaneously to achieve the highest overall coefficient of performance (COP).