01 October 1991

Industrial Heat Pumps – Workshop proceedings

Held in Budapest, Hungary, at the heart of the newly democratized Eastern European countries, this IEA Heat Pump Centre Workshop was an excellent opportunity for the “established” energy world to exchange ideas with experts who, until recently, have had to work, more or less, in isolation. The topic for discussion was industrial heat pumps, an issue that is important, both as a means to help reduce the potential damaging consequences of the “Greenhouse effect”, and as a way of reducing energy, and thereby manufacturing costs. The meeting also served to start a dialogue between the IEA and Eastern European countries on heat pump issues. The proceedings contain papers on national programmes such as the Japanese Super Heat Pump Programme and on the important topic of process integration. Other papers give details on new developments in heat pump technology, or on new applications of existing technologies. The technologies covered include: high temperature performance, thermal storage, absorption/compression cycles, geothermal, Brayton cycle, hybrid cycles.

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