30 October 1996

Industrial Heat Pumps – Recent Experiences, Environmental and Production Benefits – Workshop proceedings

The primary goal of this Workshop was to present the results and distribute the products from Annex 21 – Industrial Heat Pumps – Experiences, Potential and Global Environmental Benefits. Annex 21 was a multi-country study which examined the potential for industrial heat pumps to save energy and reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases. Both the United States and Canada participated in the Annex. Another objective of this meeting was to present information on more recent experiences with industrial heat pumps in North America. Examples from the textile industry, the pulp and paper industry and the food industry were presented. Results from a recent ASHRAE research project which investigated twenty-two heat recovery heat pump installations in industry throughout North America were also presented. A progress report on new equipment developments being supported by the U.S. Department of Energy was presented, as was a paper on the topic on a variety of approaches to finance industrial heat pump installations. The proceedings include the invited papers presented at the Workshop and closing remarks. The workshop was sponsored in part by the Annex 21 participating countries who wish to express their appreciation to all Workshop participants and their organizations.

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