22 May 2008


Increasing the number of Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) requires
a combination of looking at the successes of the past, identifying the cause of past
failures and taking corrective actions by involving industry constituents. Innovation
comes when traditional practices cannot be reconfigured to be successful and new
approaches to system design are required. To simply argue that a ground heat
exchanger replaces a cooling tower and boiler almost guarantees that no thought will
be given to reducing costs from new indoor piping technology and materials and
system modularization. Entrepreneurship comes about when industry people see that
increasing GSHP numbers will occur when deficiencies in technology and/or
business practices are changed. Deployment will occur when consumers are
convinced by successful applications that the GSHP technology is fundamentally
This paper will present examples of innovation, entrepreneurship and deployment
methods of GSHP constituents that are increasing market share through a variety of
new approaches using new thoughts and ideas as well as tried and proven methods.
Critical to the process is that infrastructure and design tools be continually developed
to meet new demands.