24 June 2014

Importance of Heat Pumps in different regions and markets

1920 G. Flügel probably shaped the term heat pump first time after 1855 Peter von Rittinger, an Austrian engineer, has designed and installed the first known pilot heat pump
for heating only with a capacity of 14 kW, for the salt works in the village of Ebensee in Upper Austria. The starting point of our current heat pump technology was seen by Thevenot: “It was Switzerland, a land poor in fossil fuel reserves but rich in hydroelectric
power, which gave the impetus to this method of heating, from 1939, after having made some experiments around 1930.”

In 2014 Energy efficiency has again topped the EU agenda, creating both opportunities and challenges for the Heat Pumps. But also the fasted growing economies in the world, India
and China, see the heat pump market as important tool in relation to its impact on power demand and green house gas emissions. On the other hand the low gas prices in the US
market are strong challenges for the future Heat Pump development.
The current paper provides an overview on the importance of Heat Pumps in the different global regions and an outlook on recent developments in the different markets as domestic hot water, space heating or commercial and industrial applications.