20 April 2020

IEA Heat Pumping Technologies Annex 47 Heat Pumps in District Heating and Cooling Systems. Task 1: Market and energy reduction potential

The following report illustrates the current situation of the Austrian heat market as well as potential scenarios for future developments and discusses the potential role of large scale heat pumps in Austrian heat networks. The presented figures within this report are based on several recent studies on energy related topics in Austria of which two authors of this report where involved to a large extends. However, no additional quantifications have been performed for this report. For details on the methodologies on which the figures shown in this report are based the authors refer to the sources quoted in the report.

The report is structured as follows. Chapter 2 provides an overview of the current and future energy demand and supply situation in Austria and a detailed description of the heat demand in the Austrian building stock. This chapter is based on various recent studies and statistical data for Austria. In chapter 0 the potential for district heating grids in Austria is discussed. This section presents the main results of a study on potentials for efficient district heating and combined heat and power potentials by Büchele et al. (2015) which were conducted in the framework of the European Energy Efficiency Directive. The potential role of large scale heat pumps in future heat networks is discussed in chapter 0 based on basic consideration of economics within heat networks, the electricity market situation and available heat sources. Finally, chapter 5 deals with thermal storage options to support the integration of renewable energy sources (like heat pumps).