24 June 2014


European governments have committed to significantly reduce the carbon
footprint. It is therefore generally accepted that: increasing the uptake of renewable energy systems and improving the thermal performance of both new and existing homes is critical if
Europe is to achieve ambitious emission targets. Heat pumps offer the possibility of reducing energy consumption significantly. Taking different applications of heat pumping technologies several items have to be taken into consideration like drive energy, design of the unit, integration into a system and the control strategy. The efficiency of the unit, commonly
expressed by the COP, depends on the refrigerant selected and on the components used like the compressor, the size and the design of condenser and evaporator, the flow sheet –
single stage, two stage, economiser or cascade – and the internal cycle control. With highly efficient systems the advantages of thermodynamic heating and cooling can be demonstrated. Heat pumps are one of the key technologies for energy conservation, increasing the share of renewable energy used and reducing CO2 emissions.