24 June 2014


In the Netherlands almost every municipality has an ambition to be energy neutral in the near future. In 2012 a study was made to establish the effects of the energy ambitions on the landscape and the energy grid.
For a grid operator it’s essential to have an insight in the developments of the energy supply to ensure the energy grid is fit to handle the decentralized renewable energy production. A
typical Dutch region was selected to make a concrete study on the technical possibility to make an energy neutral region. Concluded was that it is possible to be energy neutral. Three necessary main changes in the
existing energy system are dominant. At first there is the shift from petrol private cars to electric vehicles, secondly it’s essential to reduce energy used for low temperature heating
by insulation. Finally and thirdly it’s important to introduce on a large scale heating by heat pumps. Not only because they use ambient energy in an efficient way, but also because they
use electricity as source.