30 May 2005


In Canada during the past two decades a very significant level of resources has been directed towards
targeted R&D activities in the area of heat pumping technologies. These activities have been conducted
under separate but complementary programs operated mostly by laboratories and research centers located
in government departments, universities, and power utilities, supplemented by studies and software
development produced by independent research consultants. Relevant output and material generated by
the various organizations have been well documented in numerous publications, including refereed papers
in technical journals, conference proceedings, and reports to collaborating partners/clients. The measure
of Canada’s commitment to sharing of R&D information on this technology is also reflected by its
consistent participation in international joint research projects (Annexes) operated by the International
Energy Agency (IEA) Heat Pump Programme. Specifically over the past 20 years Canada has been
involved in at least 15 Annexes covering a broad range of technical input, and has taken the lead role in
three of those projects.
The results obtained and information gathered from these activities have provided a comprehensive
source of knowledge and a wealth of experience to draw upon. Based on this solid foundation the ongoing
R&D related effort is focused on areas of technology that are relevant to Canada, especially applications
in refrigeration and ground source heat pump installations.