01 November 1998

Heat Pump Systems for Single-Room Applications – Workshop proceedings

A growing number of heat pump systems are found heating and cooling single rooms. IEA Annex 23 entitled “Heat pump systems for single-room applications” has documented the market for these products and has identified many promising products and systems that can deliver cost-effective heat pump solutions in the future. The objective of this project has been to develop and promote heat pumps for single-room applications and to benefit heat pump users, power utilities and the environment.

The Annex 23 Workshop Proceedings focus on the energy savings contribution from single-room or single-zone heating applications. Experts from around the world gathered together to present state-of-the-art heat pump solutions that can help reduce our dependency on non-renewable energy. The proceedings have documented heat pumps as devices capable of reducing global warming and providing an excellent long-term return on investment. Despite the plentiful supply of single-room products and the favourable economics for many of these products, they are far from achieving their market potential. The workshop highlighted many of these issues, some of which were captured in the form of questions. The proceedings contain a summary of these questions and responses, in addition to papers presented at the workshop.

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