01 January 1999

Heat Pump Systems for Single-Room Applications – Final Report

The Annex 23 Final Report gives an analysis of the market for single-room heat pump applications, including the market size, market difficulties, potential markets and climate conditions in each of the five participating countries: Canada (Operating Agent), France, Sweden, Switzerland, and the USA. Regional and economic considerations, such as cost factors, building factors and emissions, and current and future R&D are reported on. Amongst the conclusions drawn are that heat pumps for single-room applications could provide an energy-saving and cost-saving alternative to built-in or portable electric resistance heating in the residential market and for commercial buildings (e.g. offices, hotels/motels). They could be an effective retrofit solution for homes or offices where no ductwork for air distribution exists. Consumers’ space-heating costs could be reduced by at least 50% compared to existing single-room electric heating equipment.