24 June 2014

Heat pump market development in Europe

Looking at the quality and availability of market data can assess the maturity level of an industry. Market data and sales statistics for the European Heat Pump market have been compiled by the European Heat Pump Association since 2003, individual markets are covered by data even reaching back to the early 1990s. What was an industry action in the past has been taken to the government leven with the implementation of the RES Directive in 2009. In Annex VII of this Directive the Commission was given the mandate to establish guidelines on how Member States are to estimate the values of Quesable and SPF for the different heat pump technologies. The publication of this guidelins in March 2013 is pushing data collection to the government level by providing a full calculation method. The paper will analyze the major development trends of heat pumps in up to 21 European markets starting 2005. It will in particular compare the current industry statistics with efforts on the Member State level to integrate heat pump sales data, installed capacity and efficiency into national energy statistics. It will outline differences of the approaches taken and analyze their impact on the results.