24 June 2014


In contrary to the home and building sector heat pumps are not so well established in the industrial sector. Yet waste heat combined with heat pumps would open up a huge potential to substitute fossil fuels with only minimal exergy/ electrical energy usage. In
addition to the significant positive impact on the environment, it leads directly to a reduction in operating costs. However recent studies have shown that higher temperatures of at least 100°C are needed in industries. Conventional heat pumps show limitations in flexibility and in
achievable temperatures by the used technology. As a consequence of this such systems can often not be realized for such industrial usages.

ECOP developed now a break-through heat pump product. It is based on a Joule cycle with compression efficiency of up to 99.9% making a standardized product for applications of up
to 150°C possible. Pressure and temperature of the working medium can be adjusted by a variable, oil free compressor resulting in a machine that can adapt to its ambient conditions,
while reaching a high Coefficient of Performance (COP).

Heating above 70°C is the target application for the industrial heat pump. By using centrifugal forces the pressure and the temperature of the working fluid can be changed in a highly
efficient way. Slow flow velocities within the system cause only minimal losses for most efficient compression efficiencies. Changes of the rotational speed enable a flexible temperature spread, allowing the technology to work in a highly flexible way operating at any
temperature within the operation range of -20°C up to 150°C.