01 May 1996

Heat Pump Energy Efficiency Regulations and Standards

Heat pumping technology, such as space-conditioning heat pumps and cooling-only air conditioners, can provide heating and cooling services in buildings at a very high efficiency. Just how efficient, though, will vary from one system to another. To encourage efficient desing, some authorities have introduced regulations and standards that impose minimum efficiency requirements on equipment and installations. The impact of these measures can be significant, and all those involved in this market need to be informed of developments. In this Analysis Report, the IEA Heat Pump Centre reviews regulations, standards and labelling requirements for heat pumping equipment in building applications. Based on a survey of more than 30 countries, the report compiles information on the directives of national, regional and international authorities. While the focus is on energy efficiency regulations, safety measures, especially regarding working fluids, are also examined. This report is an important reference document for all players in the market for heating and cooling equipment in buildings, including equipment manufactures, installation and service companies, power and gas utilities, and local, national and international authorities. By discussing the inpact of the regulatory environment on technology and market developments, this report makes an important contribution to the development of tomorrow’s regulations and standards.

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