24 June 2014

Harmonizing Life Cycle Climate Performance Analysis of Refrigerants

Searching for alternatives to high-GWP refrigerants became a major research
topic for the air conditioning and refrigerant community, requiring a universal evaluation of the environmental impact caused by a refrigeration system charged with a specific refrigerant throughout the refrigerant life cycle. The life cycle climate performance analysis (LCCP)
provides such evaluations, including major contributors to direct and indirect refrigerant emissions. In 2012, the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) formed a working party
(WP) on this topic (called LCCP WP) to assess the merits of different methods used for evaluating the environmental impact of refrigerants, and to produce implementation protocols for these methods to be used by decision makers and refrigeration stakeholders. This paper provides details of the IIR LCCP WP’s ongoing efforts. The LCCP is an important tool for analyzing refrigerants’ environmental impacts and screening refrigerants with minimum
overall environmental impacts when used for a specific application in a specific region. A globally harmonized approach for LCCP evaluation is needed.