01 December 1998

Guidelines for Design and Operation of Compression Heat Pump, Air Conditioning and Refrigerating Systems with Natural Working Fluids – Final Report

The Final Report – Guidelines is one of the main products from IEA Annex 22 on compression heat pump, air conditioning and refrigerating systems with natural working fluids. The scope has been to provide a presentation of the Annex 22 activities and results, as well as updated and relevant information on the design and operation of compression heat pumping systems using the natural working fluids ammonia,hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide. The safety aspects related to the use of theseworking fluids are also discussed. The main intension of this report has been provide valuable information to scientist, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, consultans, installers, operating personnel, end-users, policy makers, organizations for protectionof the environment, and others who are interested in environmetally safe and energy efficient heat pumping systems.

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