20 September 2011


The number of installed ground heat source heat pump systems in Japan has been grown. However when we look at the HVAC system for the commercial buildings, so called “Packaged Air Conditioning System”, is very common. When the conventional water to water
GSHP would be installed in the commercial building in the southern part of Tokyo area, the advantages of the system performance and cost reduction compared to the ASHP are small. This is a barrier to develop the GSHP market in the commercial building sector. In this paper, the concept of the novel ground source packaged air conditioning system designed for the commercial buildings with an additional cooling tower to release the excessive waste heat
from the cooling is proposed. Then the performance of the combination use of ground heat exchangers and a cooling tower is investigated when there is a big imbalance of the extracted heat and the released heat into the ground. In addition, the proper cooling capacity of the cooling tower and their annual performances are evaluated for three types of buildings.