24 June 2014

Full steam ahead for heat pumps? The impact of Europe’s climate and energy policy revisit

Europen energy and climate policy is (still) governed by the overarching goal to reduce the demand for non-renewable energy sources and to cut down greenhouse gas emissions. As a side effect, it should result in lower import dependency for energy, better security of supply, affordability and local emplyment. It is surprising, that heat pump technology – being beneficial to all these goals in a cost efficient manner – has not been picked as a preferred technology. The current paper provides an overview on the most important legislative acts (RES, EE, Ecodesign and EPBD Directive as well as the F-Gas regulation) in their effect on heat pump technology in Europe. It analyses mutual reinforcing as well as contradicting parts of the legislation and proces an outlook on their effects for the development of the heat pump markets in Europe. A critical perspective will be provided on the heavily discussed need of one of several new targets for the period from 2020 to 2050 as well as on the currently developed communication on renewable heating and cooling.