04 September 2020

Final Report Annex 43: Fuel Driven Sorption Heat Pumps

Fuel Driven Sorption Heat Pumps (FDHP) are known for many years as an interesting option in many cases for efficient heating of buildings and domestic hot water preparation as well as industrial heat
supply, using fuel (gas or oil) to run a heat pumping process based on ab- or adsorption processes.
Though market available for a long time, they still represent a niche market compared to mechanical driven vapour compression heat pumps and even more compared to gas condensing boilers.

This IEA-HPT Annex 43 “Fuel Driven Sorption Heat Pumps” started as a follow-up of Annex 34 “Thermally driven heat pumps for heating and cooling”, now with a narrow focus on fuel driven sorption heat
pumps for heating applications to widen their market penetration.