24 June 2014

Experimental Evaluation Study of The HVAC System with Temperature and Humidity Independent Control Using Separate Type Air Conditioners

The energy requirements for air conditioning equate to approximately 40% of the total energy consumption of commercial buildings. To achieve a net Zero Energy Building (ZEB), the reduction of energy consumption for air conditioning is essential. To reduce the
consumption of energy for air conditioning, the temperature and humidity individual control (THIC) system is a very effective means. In this paper, the THIC system consisted of a humidity controllable outer air processing unit (heat pump desiccant) and a sensible capacity enhanced VRF installed for the demonstration test. The test results showed that the THIC
system can reduce energy consumption by approximately 50% in midsummer, and 30% in midwinter. The data also made it possible to develop a simulation to calculate the THIC
system’s energy consumption. The simulation showed that the THIC system can reduce the energy consumption by 74% in the case that the system is installed in highly insulated buildings and operated all throughout the year.