24 June 2014


The exhaust air heat pump (EAHP) is a common heat pump type in Sweden.
About 9% of the existing building stock is heated by an EAHP. For a long time, the maximal heating capacity of EAHP was normally just above 2 kW. During the last years a new type of EAHP has been common on the market. This type is inverter controlled and has a maximal heating capacity of 5-6 kW. A number of “new type” and “old type” heat pumps have been evaluated in independent laboratory tests at SP on behalf of the Swedish Energy Agency.
The efficiency and capacity in both space heating and DHW production has been measured. Based on the test results SCOP and S according to EUs ecodesign regulations has been
calculated. The results shows that none of the “old type” exhaust air heat pump will pass the requirements in Tier 2. Thereby the evaluated “old type” of EAHPs will not be allowed to be
placed on the European market from 2017 without an improved performance.