15 March 2016

Evaluation of R-410A Alternative Refrigerants in a Residential Reversible Air-to-Water Heat Pump

Alternative refrigerants to R-410A are under investigation for residential heat pumps and airconditioners since R-410A has a GWP of 2088. In this paper, two promising alternative refrigerants, DR-5A (R-454B) and L41-2 (R-447A), both HFC-HFO mixtures with a GWP of 466 and 583, respectively, have been tested in a residential heat pump. The results show that R-410A replacement by L41-2 and DR-5A does not raise any particular problems and the performance obtained is, aside from some few exceptions, almost equivalent (+/-10 %) to that with R-410A. These experimental results provide better understanding
and knowledge about R-410A replacement in heat pumps.