24 June 2014


The advanced ‘Transthermal SYM’ heat pump for aquatic indoor swimming centres utilises a multiple number & a variety of heat exchangers. That have the capability of transferring
energy directly, alternatively and indirectly. Smart heat pump energy transfer systems that reduce CO2 and energy consumption, for a number of single or multiple simultaneous
demand energies, that maybe required from heat pump processes, including use of natural ambient energy and waste energy. The paper discuses the design, implementation and
integration of component heat transfer assemblies with fans, compressor, pumps, mechanical services, inverters other equipment employed. The engineered applications for heat pump multiple functions that include an evolving family of applications for heating, ventilation air conditioning and reduction of associated energy systems that service the buildings energy requirements. The direct digital micro computer control system provides the optimum operational control, utilising the designed network of COP management functions
to provide dehumidification (De-hum.), ventilation, space cooling, heating, pool heating, and water filtration with water and energy recovery. This is essential for minimising energy use
and achieving the optimum functional COP outputs, for all year round energy demands.