24 June 2014

Energy-Saving Technology for Multi Split-Type Air-Conditioning Systems for Buildings

Reduction of power consumption in air-conditioning systems is a key factor to
solving global warming. This paper presents two energy saving technologies that maintain thermal comfort using multi split-type air-conditioning systems for buildings. The first technology is a control for the evaporation temperature in cooling operations. In this technology, the lower the air-conditioning load is, the higher the evaporation temperature is
set, which leads to high energy efficiency operation of the air-conditioning system. The second technology is a compressor frequency control applied to an air-conditioning system made up of multiple outdoor units. The system controls the compressor frequency in the
peak efficiency zone by optimizing the number of operating outdoor units corresponding to the air-conditioning load. In addition, this system is equipped with Air-conducting fans for
indoor air circulation, which are used to reduce the temperature distribution in the room.