01 November 1985

Electric Heat Pumps for Retrofit in Existing Small Residential Buildings (Hydronic Systems) – Parametric Study on the Competitiveness of Electric Heat Pumps

It is the objective of this study to provide for electric retrofit heat pump systems under various local conditions: * a framework as well as working diagrams for the evaluation of performance and cost-effectiveness; * a framework and working diagrams for optimization of heat pump size, and for the assessment of maximum allowable investment cost as a function of the COP characteristics, for different climatic zones; * a sensitivity analysis for the main technical and economical parameters; * a comparison of electric heat pumps with competing means of heating cost reduction in existing residential buildings, such as improvement of the thermal insulation and new boilers. For this purpose it is necessary to take into account the following parameters: * Parameters depending on local conditions: climate, energy prices, building, existing distribution system (maximum supply temperature), and existing boiler; * parameters depending on heat pump (system): heat pump performance, heat pump capacity, and mode of integrating the heat pump into the heating system. The contents of this report are as follows: * development of basic data; * energy cost saving parameters; * development of working diagrams; * optimization; * sensitivity analysis; and * competing retrofit systems.

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