01 November 1985

Electric Heat Pumps for Retrofit in Existing Small Residential Buildings (Hydronic Systems) – Application Study on Small Retrofit Residential Heat Pump Demonstration Projects

This study investigates electrically-driven compressor heat pumps for retrofit in small residential buildings. The need for this study emerged from a preliminary survey of publications in the open literature and report literature. This technical behaviour and, in particular, the cost-effectiveness of residential heat pumps are scarce. A comparison of projects is difficult even for installations of a similar kind in the same country. Evaluations of project data, using a standardized approach and calculation procedure, seem therefore all the more important. The report cover only retrofit heat pumps in the heat load range below 50 kW with oil-fired boilers as existing heating systems. The report examines case studies for air-to-water, water-to-water and brine-to-water heat pumps.

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